Solwata Mana wouldn't exist without the undying love for my famili/pamleh/family. This has and will always be for them and my people, and all those who see reflections of themselves in my art and work. Our website wouldn't exist without the help and care from those within my community, and those elsewhere, both nation wide and internationally. So we would like to thank them all and introduce some of them to you all as our ambassadors for Solwata Mana.


We'd like to thank Decolonise Sex Work, an incredible initiative and organisation within so called Australia that has helped many Indigenous sex workers, by helping with mutual aids to providing supplies. They have helped launch Solwata Mana. Additionally, we'd like to thank Tash and Ashley from Wurruymay Collective who specialise in fragrance, and bath and body products that use native ingredients. Additionally, they sell amazing art that tell various stories from the artist, Tash, herself. Wurruymay Collective also helped behind the scenes, and for that, we are thankful. Finally, we'd like to thank our store host Humanize Media within Food Connect and our fellow Indigenous brand we are housed with, Bimbi Love; an incredible store that sells wood jewellery and art. Without their initial support and love, we wouldn't be here today.

On our website you can also find beautiful product photos, taken by Vika Mana. It's pretty easy to take beautiful shots when your subjects are not just incredibly talented but extraordinarily beautiful inside and out. All those who are apart of these original photoshoots are all people who I love deeply and who Solwata Mana is also dedicated to. I'd like to thank them all for coming and showing out what their ancestors gave them. A special thank you and ofas to Ebony, Tekayla, Meliana, Tallulah, Sene, Waniki, Tia, Ruby, Pris, Tiarne and Ashley for allowing me to capture the beauty I've always seen.

Now for the part I've been excited to announce! Solwata Mana has ambassadors and we'd like to introduce them to you! You've already seen them around the place and on our website and social media, but let me introduce the gang again. Here they are our Solwata Mana Ambassadors. 

Thank you all so much for repping the set and not just adoring the work and art I've dedicated to you, but wanting to be apart of it. To be an ambassador you have to know and live by our tagline; Sovereign; Sacred; Staunch. Additionally,  you have to be loud and proud of who you are; and understand what empowerment and healing can do along with love and community building for our people. All those apart of our Ambassador crew all unapologetically rep their people and nations. We're so proud and ecstatic to be working with these beautiful people and are excited for what our future holds.