About Us


Solwata Mana is a healing project that manifested from one of the hardest and darkest times of artist and storyteller, Vika Mana's life. Being disabled and neurodivergent, Vika had struggled within the year of 2021 with their health and getting back on their feet. Not only were they in constant pain for months, but they were also dealing with constant ableism/ablenoir, which only further contributed to their health and well-being. It was through storytelling through different mediums, that Vika was able to go on a beautiful journey of healing.

Today, she is here, in defiance to those who said she wouldn't be, getting stronger and refusing to let others determine her worth. This healing project then transformed into an online store and brand, so others just like them, whether they were disabled, Black, or belonging to the numerous communities they did, could experience their love, healing and majik with each piece. Solwata Mana is for the Southside, 4 the kulture and for everyone seeking and demanding freedom.

Solwata Mana uses 'solwata' from Creole/Pidgin and 'mana' from the Tongan language to not just highlight that both of Vika's main cultural backgrounds aided her in her journey to recovery, but also to pay tribute to their mother and father. Solwata Mana is dedicated to them, her siblings, friends and extended pamleh. It is dedicated to her Papa, Nan, Sydney Nan and her grandfather who never made it back from the Philippines. It's also dedicated to her ancestors, for which she wouldn't be here without, who loved and resisted to make sure she would be here today. Lastly, Solwata Mana is dedicated to Vika themself, especially her body; which held her together even in the most painful and toughest times, which carried her all the way till this moment. Solwata Mana is dedicated to them all and will always be for them.